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How it started – a spark of passion for Fine Foods

My grandfather George Garrett was an inventor and aeronautics engineer born in Edinbrugh died in the Isle of Wight. A fine warrior, innovator and chef who could roast or bake and serve the best porridge ever I have tasted. ”Thun cripsy toooast wee Nicky?” his brogue would great me as he place the tray of hot breakfast on my bedside table, each morning we stayed with him at Cedar Cottage. I was 3 and a taste for fine tastes was born!

When I first met my wife Caterina in London, and she told me she was from Parma I thought … hmmm not where that smelly Kraft cheese powder comes from? When we arrived in her home town and she sat me down at her mama’s family table passing me a hunk of this odd looking golden stuff I just thought, what the hell is this?  I ventured a taste and it exploded on my tongue!!! Rich, gnammy, creamy, even sweet flavours… ”This is not cheese Caterina… this is something else!”

Food is for sharing. Life is for sharing… let’s do it and keep it in our hearts.

Here we are today on the back of our ever successful leading tours of FWT Parma we now greet you to my Celtic homeland Scotland and Food n Whisky tours – what an incredible life and thank you for stopping by… and eternally to Caterina and grandpa.

Nick Garrett FWT

Porcini days... FWT

Why us?

We love what we do: We all love being able to show our guests around the incredible country we call home. We all know how lucky we are being able to share the day with you.

We take you off the beaten track: If you don’t want to follow the crowds, an FWT tour is right up your street! Meet, eat and drink with the locals, discover the best kept secrets and let us show you the nooks we know you’ll love.

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Local knowledge and expertise: Our passionate, local team have a huge amount of knowledge about gourmet culture, the individual makers we work with and will help you to get the most from your day in the workshops.

Cate in Balsamico lofts FWT Parma food tours in

Feel the Magic:  FWT has that something special. That spark from its birth to present day. We work so hard to keep your dreams alive.

Our fabulous guides: We believe our fully certified and trained, friendly, Italian guides are second to none. All our staff are passionate about exploring the craft makers with you, and can’t wait to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about their country. Our guides are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime and a quick glance at our Tripadvisor review community is highly recommended.

The Client is King

I emailed a handful of food tour companies, but Nick responded the most promptly and gave us a much more reasonable price quote than many of the other tours. He was incredibly flexible and worked with us on the dates, even though we were visiting during the holiday month of August. 

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A welcome from the magic of FWT

The best tours.. the best guides..

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